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Random thoughts, hilarious moments and sweet sentiments... Our girls give us tons of these every day and this blog is our way of sharing the joy of raising two sweet little people with you. This is our life...to love Jesus, love each other, laugh a lot and enjoy the moments He's given us. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Boyfriends & Other Funnies

Okay - so tonight, you get two posts...I couldn't figure out a title that would combine the two so instead, I am just writing two posts. This one is short though! :)

Funny #1:
Rather than read a book every night, Michael and I have started telling Emma Grace stories each night and having her tell us stories too. I figured it was good for her ever active imagination to do this - but for those of you who would freak at my saying "rather than read...", never fear, I read books during the day all the time! Anyway, she has started telling me stories at random times and in random ways now - and it's hilarious! She yells them, she sings them, she whispers them. Today, we were in the middle of a department store and she starts singing "I love mommy and daddy and Sarah Beth. When we get home mommy will feed Sarah Beth from her booby" and she just goes on. I died laughing and the ladies around me did too.

Funny #2:
This afternoon, when getting Sarah Beth dressed for church, I said "Sarah Beth, let's get dressed so you can go to the nursery with your boyfriends" (there are several boys born within weeks of her including a set of twins that are absolutely adorable!) Emma Grace picked up on the word "boyfriends" and started using it in all her conversations. She told me endless times that Sarah Beth was going to play with her boyfriends and that she was going to class with her boyfriends. I just agreed with her and thought it was cute. Then tonight, we leave church and Emma Grace says "Mommy, boyfriends are yucky" and makes a gagging type face. I started laughing so hard I couldn't drive. I asked where she heard that from and she said "I don't know but boyfriends are yucky!" Then when Michael got home, I asked her to tell daddy what she thought about boyfriends and she looked at him and made the gaggy face again before saying "YUCK"! Again, soooo hilarious!

I wouldn't trade these moments for anything in the world. Emma Grace is one of the funniest people on earth! I love it!!!

I'm That Mom!

Let me start by saying that I never imagined myself with girls. You know how when you're growing up, you dream of your wedding and what your life will be like afterwards - husband who is perfect and kids who always obey? Haha! I always imagined myself with a house full of boys - rambunctious, athletic and smart boys...three of them...spaced about 2 years apart. I can only remember thinking about girls as a side thought to the house full of boys and even then, it was only one little princess amidst the little men!
It is so obvious to me that God knows best because He has gifted me with 2 girls spaced 2.5 years apart and now I can't imagine it any other way. I love my girls!

So - what does my title mean..."I'm That Mom!" When I'd see a mom dress her kids alike and sometimes even dress like them, I used to giggle and cringe and think to myself "I'd never do that to my kids" and I still don't think I can dress exactly like them. It's just beyond my normal comfort zone to do that.
However, I do coordinate my girls outfits. So far, I've only bought them matching shirts but in their vast and seemingly endless closets, I have found several outfits that coordinate or at least the color scheme is matching. I think it's so cute! Of course, Sarah Beth is still only 10 weeks old and rarely leaves her carseat when we're out and about so it's not obvious to the world that I've coordinated them but I know...and I giggle and cringe and think to myself "I've become that mom!" Emma Grace thinks it's so cool to dress like Sarah Beth - who am I to disagree?!

I did buy myself & Emma Grace the same style skirts in different colors that we wore with white shirts while Sarah Beth wore a white dress that coordinated so I guess I'm getting ever closer to wearing matching outfits!

Who knows? For Easter next year, we may all have matching dresses - I'm not putting anything past me now!
I'm that Mom!!! and I love it! :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things I love...

I love watching them sleep (& snore).
I love "pulling weeds" and being given dead flowers from Emma Grace.
I love making up stories and songs while we swing on the swings.
I love watching Sarah Beth figure out the world around her.
I love watching Emma Grace draw and create things with her crayons and paints.
I love how Emma Grace adores Sarah Beth.
I love how Sarah Beth smiles and "giggles" at Emma Grace's monkey dance.
I love seeing the world through their eyes and learning to be in awe of it all.
I love being the one who answers when ants sting Emma Grace's feet or Sarah Beth gets tired of swinging.
I love seeing the excitement on their faces when Daddy comes in the door.
I love seeing them imitate us. (99% of the time)
I love the sweet, caring personality God gave Emma Grace.
I love that I get to watch Sarah Beth's personality develop.
I love that God loves & trusts me enough that He gifted me these beautiful girls for a time to teach and raise up to love Him.

Sappy & sentimental - yes...but I'm in constant amazement of the joys of motherhood that don't diminish even in the frustrating moments of temper tantrums and sleepless nights.
I love my girls!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sarah Beth - 2 Months Old

Finally, a post about my precious Sarah Beth!
Sarah Beth is my little punkin' bear and the most fun baby around these days! She's started smiling and talking to us. She follows me around the room and is absolutely in love with her daddy. Every time he comes around, she just lights up with smiles and coos.
Emma Grace is still completely in love with her. She tells us all the time "I like my Sarah Beth" or "I like my baby sister" - what wonderful blessings we've been given! I am so thankful!
Proof that no two children are alike - despite coming from the same genes...Sarah Beth had her 2 month doctor visit yesterday (including her 1st shots - *tears*) and she weighs in at 12 lbs 9 oz and 23 1/4 inches long. When we got home, I pulled out Emma Grace's information from the same visit - she was only 10 lbs 13 oz and 22 1/2 inches long. I think it's very cool to have had such a tiny little baby with Emma Grace and now get to experience the chubby goodness of Sarah Beth! It's fascinating to me to sit and look at her little (or not-so-little) thighs...they are so sweet, you just want to squeeze 'em! And another blessing is that because of the size difference, all of Emma Grace's clothes will fit Sarah Beth in the right seasons! Sarah Beth may actually catch up with Emma Grace before she is 2 years old...we're gonna have to fatten up my 28 lb 2.5 year old! *grin*
I love both my girls so much and can't believe that we've been blessed with the likes of these two precious gifts.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Two posts in one day...y'all should feel really special!
Happy Easter!!!

Nothing really exciting to tell you about but I wanted to post a couple of pictures of two really cute little girls!

This past Wednesday, we had our Easter Egg Hunt at a local park. Emma Grace held nothing back as she ran around getting as many eggs as she could fit in her basket. She was the oldest of the youngest kids so she had a distinct advantage - however, I'm so proud of her because she was also helping the younger children too! She's so sweet! To see pictures, you'll have to visit the link I put at the bottom of this post - they will be online by Monday afternoon!

The Easter Bunny visited our house this morning and brought Emma Grace the coolest bubble blower. It made bubbles bigger than she is and she had so much fun chasing them around the yard. She also got to dye eggs which she thought was one of the coolest things ever.

Sarah Beth got an Easter basket too. Funny thing about her basket is that it was filled with her own toys that used to belong to Emma Grace. She'll never know as long as we never tell her!

Growing up, I got an Easter dress each year and it was one of my favorite Sundays as I always felt so pretty on Easter. Yes, I know - it's not about a fashion show but it is a fun reason to get a new outfit and feel especially pretty! So, I'm determined to continue a similar tradition with my girls. Emma Grace got a brand new lavender dress that has white with purple polkadot bowties on the sides of the waist and tulle sticking out from underneath it! So completely adorable and princessy!!! Sarah Beth got dressed up too in Emma Grace's 1st Easter dress...white with lavender flowers and a lavender ribbon around the waist with a bowtie. She's looked absolutely beautiful! And...the best part is that they coordinated without matching! I love having girls!!!
I love being their mommy and I have so much fun doing it!

***NOTE: We have a website where most of our pictures get uploaded on a fairly consistent basis - including the Easter Egg Hunt. http://web.mac.com/powellmap/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html

Bye Bye TeeTee!

Obviously, I think my beautiful Emma Grace is one of the 2 cutest girls on earth...but one of the cuter things she does is flush the toilet. Weird, huh? *grin*
There is talk of tee-teeing and pooping in this story so if that grosses you out - quit reading now!

Last Sunday, I woke up determined that this would be the week we said good bye to the Pull-Ups. She's had the whole potty concept down since last summer but with me working full time, a really random schedule and getting ever so largely pregnant, I didn't feel like it would be fair to try to really potty train her without any consistency (and I figured it wouldn't work with out consistency either). So, with a month to go before our schedules get out of control again, I figured it was now or never...so off came the Pull-Ups and on went the big girl panties! I began taking her potty every 30 minutes and following her around with a towel. We spent all day Sunday changing panties. I was so frustrated. She would tell me she had to go tee-tee but it was either while she was tee-teeing for right after she finished (which was usually within 5 minutes of having sat on the potty!) I knew that if I could just get her to tee-tee in the potty and we did the fun potty party I had planned in my head, she'd catch on and this would go so fast!
Monday - the process continued and I thought I'd go insane...but then, I caught her starting to poo in her pants and I said "STOP!" and we ran to the potty and made it just in time!
The celebration started...I danced and sang a song, Emma Grace laughed her head off and got a little baggy of M&M's and some Dora stickers after she flushed the toilet and said "Bye Bye Poopy" and washed her hands.
Tuesday morning - we sat on the potty first thing and sure enough, she tee-tee'd in the potty...Another celebration ensued. Joy was the emotion of the day!!! Then, as the day progressed and I started the 30 minute thing, she started telling me "I gotta go tee-tee" and sure enough, she did. We've had a couple of accidents along the way but my girl is good...she is almost potty trained and it only took a few days!
So why do I think her flushing the toilet is so cute? Well, besides the fact that it means I don't have to change her diaper/Pull-Up anymore...every time she goes potty - she watches it flush and says "Bye Bye Tee-Tee" or "Bye Bye Poopy" in the sweetest sing songy voice ever!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I don't mind bugs. They don't phase me at all. Michael doesn't mind bugs - I mean, he's a guy...and if bugs bothered him, I probably wouldn't have married him. I haven't sheltered Emma Grace from much of anything - we've just lived life and let her live it with us since she was born. Last summer, we'd sit in the yard and pick the grass pretending it was flowers and watch the little bugs run around. We'd even torture the little roly poly bugs and make 'em roll up and then we'd push them down our driveway and watch them roll to the street. Something happened over the winter time. Maybe she just grew up and is now my precious little princess diva...but she HATES bugs - and I use the word "HATE" with all the emphasis I can give it.
My dad came out about a month ago and built us this fantabulous swingset in our back yard - it's got 2 swings, a slide, and a "fort" underneath the slide platform. We're going to get a kidsized picnic table for the "fort" area - I'm so excited!!! - But back to my story....
We have this fantabulous playscape and we can not keep Emma Grace off it. I have to literally pull her off the swing and drag her into the house when it starts getting dark at night....UNLESS...I can get a bug to crawl, fly or otherwise happen to be near her! I left her sitting in the swing yesterday while I went to change Sarah Beth's diaper and in the midst of the explosion in the diaper, I heard the most blood curdling scream out of a 2.5 year olds mouth I've ever heard in my life. I thought she'd climbed to the top of the slide platform and jumped off landing on her head and cracking her skull open...but alas, a gnat had landed on her shorts. She was frantic to get it off but couldn't let go of the swing because she was so petrified. I almost laughed except for the sheer terror written all over her face.
Right now, we're sitting on the porch and she's pointing out all the bugs she sees and making sure they don't crawl near us. Where did this come from? It happens all the time....how are we going to play outside this summer if we can't handle a gnat landing on us? We didn't have a winter so there's going to be tons and tons and tons of bugs, spiders and mosquitos. We're already seeing them.
Precious little girl - she'll just have to get over it!
Side note: I do NOT like spiders - I didn't mind them until we moved to Texas and you should see the size of spiders here. Gross spiders. I killed a black widow yesterday. Gross. Maybe that's where she gets it and she's just carried it over to all bugs of all sizes!
Side note #2: You're probably wondering why I don't say much about Sarah Beth. Well, I will...just wait. She's only 6 weeks old and besides a bunch of naps throughout the day, some eating between those naps (which does have some funny stories attached but not for a public space on the internet - email me, ask..I'll tell ya some funny stories!) and some massively explosive diapers (which I'm sure you'd love for me to tell you about)...there's not a whole lot to tell ya about on her end yet. She's smiling now! That's cute as ever...and she's starting to coo and "talk" to us but other than that, Emma Grace is much more entertaining in story form...but the Sarah Beth stories are coming...I promise! :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Emma Grace...my sweet love!!!

If any of you know me, I'm kinda an organization freak. I like things to be organized and in their place and easy to find. I'm constantly rearranging and organizing our closets and cabinets and pantry...I can't clean without making a bigger mess by organizing. And..if any of you know my husband, you know that he's not so much that way. It's a good balance as I may go overboard if I didn't have him to balance me out!
So, last week, he was out of town and I got the organization bug and went to town on our room, our closet and our bathroom. I bought him a "desk" to store all his stuff that just piles up in our room and also gives him a place to work at night. I cleaned out drawers, rearranged the closet to maximize the space (amazing how much more space we have in there now! I should go shopping!!!) and the bathroom is sparkling clean!
Well, I did all of this mainly while Emma Grace (my 2.5 year old) was sleeping. When she woke up that morning, she was sitting in my room watching tv while I fixed her breakfast and she came in the kitchen and said "Mommy!" I turned around and looked at her and her eyes were as big as saucers. I said "what's wrong?" and she said "Mommy, I went in the bathroom and it is sooo pretty!"
I almost cried because I had worked so hard on it and she noticed! But then I thought "Now, that is sad. She noticed that my bathroom was clean and looked so pretty - it must look really bad and be really dirty most of the time."
My sweet little Emma Grace made my day by noticing all my hard work! :)