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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Boyfriends & Other Funnies

Okay - so tonight, you get two posts...I couldn't figure out a title that would combine the two so instead, I am just writing two posts. This one is short though! :)

Funny #1:
Rather than read a book every night, Michael and I have started telling Emma Grace stories each night and having her tell us stories too. I figured it was good for her ever active imagination to do this - but for those of you who would freak at my saying "rather than read...", never fear, I read books during the day all the time! Anyway, she has started telling me stories at random times and in random ways now - and it's hilarious! She yells them, she sings them, she whispers them. Today, we were in the middle of a department store and she starts singing "I love mommy and daddy and Sarah Beth. When we get home mommy will feed Sarah Beth from her booby" and she just goes on. I died laughing and the ladies around me did too.

Funny #2:
This afternoon, when getting Sarah Beth dressed for church, I said "Sarah Beth, let's get dressed so you can go to the nursery with your boyfriends" (there are several boys born within weeks of her including a set of twins that are absolutely adorable!) Emma Grace picked up on the word "boyfriends" and started using it in all her conversations. She told me endless times that Sarah Beth was going to play with her boyfriends and that she was going to class with her boyfriends. I just agreed with her and thought it was cute. Then tonight, we leave church and Emma Grace says "Mommy, boyfriends are yucky" and makes a gagging type face. I started laughing so hard I couldn't drive. I asked where she heard that from and she said "I don't know but boyfriends are yucky!" Then when Michael got home, I asked her to tell daddy what she thought about boyfriends and she looked at him and made the gaggy face again before saying "YUCK"! Again, soooo hilarious!

I wouldn't trade these moments for anything in the world. Emma Grace is one of the funniest people on earth! I love it!!!


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