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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I don't mind bugs. They don't phase me at all. Michael doesn't mind bugs - I mean, he's a guy...and if bugs bothered him, I probably wouldn't have married him. I haven't sheltered Emma Grace from much of anything - we've just lived life and let her live it with us since she was born. Last summer, we'd sit in the yard and pick the grass pretending it was flowers and watch the little bugs run around. We'd even torture the little roly poly bugs and make 'em roll up and then we'd push them down our driveway and watch them roll to the street. Something happened over the winter time. Maybe she just grew up and is now my precious little princess diva...but she HATES bugs - and I use the word "HATE" with all the emphasis I can give it.
My dad came out about a month ago and built us this fantabulous swingset in our back yard - it's got 2 swings, a slide, and a "fort" underneath the slide platform. We're going to get a kidsized picnic table for the "fort" area - I'm so excited!!! - But back to my story....
We have this fantabulous playscape and we can not keep Emma Grace off it. I have to literally pull her off the swing and drag her into the house when it starts getting dark at night....UNLESS...I can get a bug to crawl, fly or otherwise happen to be near her! I left her sitting in the swing yesterday while I went to change Sarah Beth's diaper and in the midst of the explosion in the diaper, I heard the most blood curdling scream out of a 2.5 year olds mouth I've ever heard in my life. I thought she'd climbed to the top of the slide platform and jumped off landing on her head and cracking her skull open...but alas, a gnat had landed on her shorts. She was frantic to get it off but couldn't let go of the swing because she was so petrified. I almost laughed except for the sheer terror written all over her face.
Right now, we're sitting on the porch and she's pointing out all the bugs she sees and making sure they don't crawl near us. Where did this come from? It happens all the time....how are we going to play outside this summer if we can't handle a gnat landing on us? We didn't have a winter so there's going to be tons and tons and tons of bugs, spiders and mosquitos. We're already seeing them.
Precious little girl - she'll just have to get over it!
Side note: I do NOT like spiders - I didn't mind them until we moved to Texas and you should see the size of spiders here. Gross spiders. I killed a black widow yesterday. Gross. Maybe that's where she gets it and she's just carried it over to all bugs of all sizes!
Side note #2: You're probably wondering why I don't say much about Sarah Beth. Well, I will...just wait. She's only 6 weeks old and besides a bunch of naps throughout the day, some eating between those naps (which does have some funny stories attached but not for a public space on the internet - email me, ask..I'll tell ya some funny stories!) and some massively explosive diapers (which I'm sure you'd love for me to tell you about)...there's not a whole lot to tell ya about on her end yet. She's smiling now! That's cute as ever...and she's starting to coo and "talk" to us but other than that, Emma Grace is much more entertaining in story form...but the Sarah Beth stories are coming...I promise! :)


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