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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm That Mom!

Let me start by saying that I never imagined myself with girls. You know how when you're growing up, you dream of your wedding and what your life will be like afterwards - husband who is perfect and kids who always obey? Haha! I always imagined myself with a house full of boys - rambunctious, athletic and smart boys...three of them...spaced about 2 years apart. I can only remember thinking about girls as a side thought to the house full of boys and even then, it was only one little princess amidst the little men!
It is so obvious to me that God knows best because He has gifted me with 2 girls spaced 2.5 years apart and now I can't imagine it any other way. I love my girls!

So - what does my title mean..."I'm That Mom!" When I'd see a mom dress her kids alike and sometimes even dress like them, I used to giggle and cringe and think to myself "I'd never do that to my kids" and I still don't think I can dress exactly like them. It's just beyond my normal comfort zone to do that.
However, I do coordinate my girls outfits. So far, I've only bought them matching shirts but in their vast and seemingly endless closets, I have found several outfits that coordinate or at least the color scheme is matching. I think it's so cute! Of course, Sarah Beth is still only 10 weeks old and rarely leaves her carseat when we're out and about so it's not obvious to the world that I've coordinated them but I know...and I giggle and cringe and think to myself "I've become that mom!" Emma Grace thinks it's so cool to dress like Sarah Beth - who am I to disagree?!

I did buy myself & Emma Grace the same style skirts in different colors that we wore with white shirts while Sarah Beth wore a white dress that coordinated so I guess I'm getting ever closer to wearing matching outfits!

Who knows? For Easter next year, we may all have matching dresses - I'm not putting anything past me now!
I'm that Mom!!! and I love it! :)


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I think that's cute, but you dressing like them, I don't know about that... :) Just teasing.
No, wait, if you MADE them that would be even more cool... :)
Yep, that's a dare.


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