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Random thoughts, hilarious moments and sweet sentiments... Our girls give us tons of these every day and this blog is our way of sharing the joy of raising two sweet little people with you. This is our life...to love Jesus, love each other, laugh a lot and enjoy the moments He's given us. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things I love...

I love watching them sleep (& snore).
I love "pulling weeds" and being given dead flowers from Emma Grace.
I love making up stories and songs while we swing on the swings.
I love watching Sarah Beth figure out the world around her.
I love watching Emma Grace draw and create things with her crayons and paints.
I love how Emma Grace adores Sarah Beth.
I love how Sarah Beth smiles and "giggles" at Emma Grace's monkey dance.
I love seeing the world through their eyes and learning to be in awe of it all.
I love being the one who answers when ants sting Emma Grace's feet or Sarah Beth gets tired of swinging.
I love seeing the excitement on their faces when Daddy comes in the door.
I love seeing them imitate us. (99% of the time)
I love the sweet, caring personality God gave Emma Grace.
I love that I get to watch Sarah Beth's personality develop.
I love that God loves & trusts me enough that He gifted me these beautiful girls for a time to teach and raise up to love Him.

Sappy & sentimental - yes...but I'm in constant amazement of the joys of motherhood that don't diminish even in the frustrating moments of temper tantrums and sleepless nights.
I love my girls!!!!


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