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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Big Weekend...

We didn't do too much this past weekend but it was a HUGE weekend, none the less! On Monday, we went to a "waterpark" (more like an overgrown neighborhood pool geared toward the kiddos) and then cooked out some friends house. It was fun!

But the really big news is:

Sarah Beth has her first tooth!!! How unreal is that? She's only 3 months old (& 10 days)! Why does she already have a tooth? But sure enough, it broke through on Sunday. I had mentioned to some friends a few weeks ago that I could see little "nubs" beneath the gumline but they didn't believe me. Ha! Folks should listen to me cuz I don't lie! I was very sad because she's supposed to stay my baby and she's growing up waaaaay too fast. I'm trying to capture a picture of it but she's not really cooperating with keeping her mouth open long enough but here's a cute picture anyway!

And this picture of Emma Grace is just to showcase her keen sense of fashion! My girl matches pretty good but hasn't yet gotten the seasonal differences in clothes so we just HAD to wear our tights despite it being 96 degrees outside! She's such a funny girl.

I love my girls!


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