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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blessed...I am...

God has blessed me in countless ways...if I tried to start naming all the ways He has blessed me, I'd run out of numbers before I even had to slow down to start thinking about it. His love is amazing and His continual outpouring of blessings despite my shortcomings (which if I started naming, we'd run out of numbers just as quickly!) astounds me.
So, here's what I don't understand about myself (well, one of the things I don't understand): How can I, after all He's given me, be dissatisfied and complain about anything? Yet, I find myself constantly in a negative state about something...and if I have nothing to be complaining about, I look for something. WHY ON EARTH DO I DO THAT?! It's craziness. Sometimes, I disguise my complaint in prayer requests or I attempt to justify it in "vent sessions" (which I think everyone needs in order to maintain sanity but only in the confines of a strict confidentiality agreement and actually, the vent session should be with God b/c He's the only one who can do anything about your feelings and/or the root of the problem anyway - and besides, He knows what you're thinking anyway) but it's just plain complaining no matter how I try to disguise it.
Now, you're asking - "where did this come from? Mandy doesn't usually talk about blessings and complaints or pretty much anything that she can't laugh about? This is totally out of character for her." Ha! It's not really out of character. I think about these types of things all the time...I just rarely speak them because my thoughts aren't concise enough to make sense in the human language...and I play devil's advocate with all my thoughts so I think in circles much of the time or I start on one topic and end up 10 topics later before getting back to the main point. (case in point: this blog. I started with blessings and how I still complain despite them then moved to vent sessions and now I'm on why I don't express these thoughts more often which has nothing to do with my original thoughts on blessing and complaining..WOW.)
So, back to blessings and complaining. I need to shut my mouth and turn off my brain on the complaining thing. I am blessed and lead a very "charmed" (for lack of a better word) life so the complaining that I do is ridiculous and petty. So, when you hear me complain, remind me that I wrote a really long blog on the craziness of it all.


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