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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Powell Updates

This post may seem more like a vent session than anything else but I figured if I started this blog to keep family and friends updated, then I might as well do just that with it. (and I hate the phone so this is easier) So, here ya go - your inside look into what's going on in the Powell household....

First, we've digressed a bit in the potty training success story. We were doing so good - going potty about 8 out of 10 times and then Friday morning, she just decided to go tee tee in her Pull Ups again and not use the potty at all. (Yes, we're back to Pull-Ups b/c I got tired of cleaning puddles out of my carpet) I was getting really frustrated and then I had an epiphany. God must get so frustrated with me when He's teaching me something and I start to get it and then suddenly, I'm back at square one. I do it over and over and over and usually, it's with the same lesson. So, this realization made me much more patient with Emma Grace and today, she started tee-teeing in the potty again. Of course, Michael went out and got more M&M's so that may have spurred the return to the potty a little too! I'm sure we'll be out of Pull-Ups by kindergarten, right? :)

Second, you may or may not know that Michael was interviewing for the college pastor position at our church. He has been volunteering as the "college guy" for a while now because he has a real heart and passion for college students. So when we got to the point where we were ready to hire, he applied for it. The hiring process (in short) is that a team of 5 church partners (non-staff) interview the applicants and choose a couple to send to the staff. The staff then interview those and send one to the elders for them to interview and offer (or not) the position. Michael's interview with the team was 2 weeks ago and this week, they let him know that they had sent two other guys on to the staff. Very disappointing. Knowing his desire to serve and love college students and seeing him enjoy that part of his life over the past couple of years makes it very hard for me to understand why he isn't getting the opportunity to do it as a vocation. I have taken a "don't talk about it, just pray hard" approach to this b/c I am very sad, disappointed and a little frustrated for him. Who knows? Maybe this means we get to move back home?!

Third, Michael has been self-employed doing full-time contract IT work for the past 1.5 years (longer than that part-time). Well, he is phasing out his clients as he feels like God is moving him in a different direction. This decision was made regardless of whether he got the college pastor position or not. So, as of June 1st, he will be unemployed. He is looking at opening a franchise of some sort (Quizno's is at the top of the list right now) with a friend of ours but no decision has been made as of yet.

Fourth, I took 3 months maternity leave and it's almost over. Can you believe that Sarah Beth is almost 3 months old? It's unreal. I have had the most wonderful time off - better than I could have imagined. I haven't gotten half the things done that I wanted to get done but I have gotten to spend precious time with my girls that I wouldn't trade for the world. I am beyond blessed and completely grateful. I'm also very sad that my time is almost over. May 22nd, I'll go back to work. Of course, my job is as "perfect" as it gets for raising my family so I'm not complaining - but those of you who know me, you know I'm having some real interesting conversations with God right now.

Fifth, there is no fifth thing to update you on that I can think of right now. Unless you want to hear that Sarah Beth is smiling and talking to me all the time. When she's fussy, all I have to do is walk in the room and she quiets down (unless I dilly dally and don't come love on her!). She is so much more pudgy than her sister was so I've been given the best of both worlds - tiny, petite baby and now chubby, pudgy baby. I love the rolls on her thighs and her double chin. She is absolutely precious and spoiled rotten! (as is Emma Grace)

Now, you've been updated...til next time!


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