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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I love about my family

That my husband puts God's desires and plans for our lives above my wants and desires.

2. That when my 2 1/2 year old daughter wakes up in the morning and sees me sitting with her, she gets the biggest smile on her face...then she pretends she's asleep but she can't stop giggling.

3. That when my 3 month old daughter grins, her eyes light up the entire room.

4. That when my husband walks in the door, my daughter's giggles and excitement about seeing him make my heart skip a beat with glee!

5. When out of the blue, my daughter comes up and gives me a hug and a kiss on the nose for no reason.

6. When my baby sleeps on my chest and breaths in my face...there is nothing sweeter than baby breath! (except spit up smellin' baby breath..ick)

7. That the song my daughter wants me to sing each night is "Away In A Manger" and mainly, I just love that she likes my singing!

8. That my daughter thinks the moon belongs to her Nana and she has to see it almost every night.

9. That I'd rather be home with my family than anywhere else in the world (even when I feel like I really need a break)

10. Watching my girls interact with each other - seeing my eldest daughter love and care for her sister and show zero jealousy over the time she requires of me that used to belong completely to her and then seeing my youngest daughter's eyes follow her sister around the room.

11. That we follow no schedule and despite my intense desire for some sort of routine and normalcy, everything that needs to get done, gets done and we usually have fun in the process.

12. That even when we're irritated and frustrated with each other, we are completely in love with and devoted to each other.

13. That I was blessed with the gift of my wonderful husband and precious daughters.

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