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Sunday, June 25, 2006


For someone who doesn't have a ton of time to sit and try to figure out what is wrong with a website or her computer, this "blogger" website is one of the most frustrating websites I've ever had to deal with. I know it doesn't look like I come update this blog very often but I promise I come to it, type up a cute little story or a sweet little happening, and I hit "publish post" and I get the most annoying error messages you've ever seen. About half the time, it doesn't post at all and all my typing is a waste...the other half, it saves it as a draft four or five times but it's so distorted that I'd almost have to retype it before I could post it. Either way, it's annoying. (Thursday Thirteens - I have done them the past two weeks...really, I have...but it hasn't posted either time. Grrrr....One week was thirteen things I find annoying (*grin*) - blogger.com was one of them! The other week was thirteen ways to spend a weekend when you have nothing to do...doesn't happen often but I could list 113 ways just off the top of my dream list!)
So - because I don't have time to sit and type and retype my posts every time I want to post something, I'm about to quit on this blog thing.
HOWEVER...I'm going to give it one more week to behave properly and then I'm going to the imac website where the girls pictures are posted (which...for those of you anxiously awaiting...new pics will be posted this week! Wooohooo!) and do the blog there b/c while I have to be on the imac to post (I think), at least it doesn't mess it up every time I go to publish!
Now I'm through typing this post on how annoying blogger is, I wonder if it'll let me post it? If you're reading this, then it worked! (this time)

Quick news for you (in case it works):
1. Sarah Beth is now very proficient at rolling in both directions - from tummy to back and back to tummy. She's such a big girl! She's scooting too...why do I have kids who don't stay babies very long? I'm scared she's going to wake up tomorrow and be walking? Where'd my baby go?
2. Emma Grace is officially in big girl panties and I think her little booty is the cutest booty on earth! Without diapers or pullups on, she looks even tinier but still...oh so cute! See...I thought she was just born the other day and now she's potty trained and will be 3 (that's THREE...oh my) in just over 2 months. OH MY. Again, where'd my baby go?
3. We now have a monster sized tv in our living room. Holy cow. I thought I would hate it but it's kinda nice to sit on a sofa and watch tv rather than lay across the bed or be surrounded by toys. It's like the adults have a "play room" now! Wow. But I must say, it's gi-normous and a little weird to have a movie sized screen (okay, so it's not really that big) on your living room wall. I wouldn't have put this in here, but folks kept asking if we'd gotten the tv yet...and now, you know. (For those who weren't asking - here's why folks kept asking: Michael's mom gave him some money and said to buy whatever he wanted with it and then asked what he was going to buy, he said "probably a big flat screen tv" and she said "good, use this and go buy it"...well, 6 months later.......)
4. You should host a Stampin' Up workshop/stampcamp/whatever! I'll do it for ya! :) *grin* This is another shameless plug that you'll rarely, if ever, hear me say outloud but I'll type it no problemo! :)
5. Pictures will be posted this week on the website...I promise. I'm going to try to do it tomorrow (Monday) but only promise that it'll be this week sometime...keep checking.
5. It's way past my bedtime...gotta go now.


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