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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oh - One More Thing...

Today, we went to a wedding of some friends of ours from church. Rachel and Levi...she's taller than him! *SMILE* I wondered during the service if that was what we looked like at our wedding...I don't think I've seen anyone else's wedding where she was taller than him despite knowing several couples that way - so I got a glimpse of what our wedding looked like today. Very interesting...and beautiful! :) Cuz you know...my wedding was beautiful! :)
Anyway...I digress...
Levi has served at our church since almost the beginning...as a deacon and coordinating community groups. Rachel came to our church way back at the beginning and has since become a christian and served in numerous areas as well as worked in the church office. Anyway...today at their wedding, Matt (pastor officiating it) asked for everyone to pray with and for Rachel & Levi and those who felt comfortable could raise a hand in their direction as if they were laying hands on them. I was in the back holding Emma Grace (it was outside at 2:00p.m....do you know what it feels like outside at 2:00p.m. here in Texas?...so we were in the back under a shade tree) and when Matt said that, Emma Grace raised her hand toward them and bowed her head. It was the most precious thing ever. I didn't even realize she was listening to what was being said...sweet, precious jewel!
Thank You, Jesus for the gift of my Emma Grace who reminds me every day to love you with a childlike love!


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