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Monday, June 05, 2006

Parent Child Dedication

This past weekend was, as usual, stuffed full of fun things to do! On Friday, we went to our friends house and played at their pool cuz it's like a miniature waterpark with all kinds of fun stuff to do. Emma Grace is getting tan lines despite the enormous amounts of SPF50 I put on her. The sun here is crazy...but why am I still pasty white?
Then on Saturday, Mimi (my mom) came into town because Delta has such wonderful Webfares every once in a while so we took advantage this weekend so she could come play with the girls.
Sunday was Parent Child Dedication at church so we took the opportunity to publicly give Sarah Beth back to the Lord and ask for prayer as we raise her up in the Lord. There were 5 other babies dedicated as well and the ones with siblings had their siblings with them. I felt so bad cuz I put Emma Grace in her class and she wasn't there with us. I comfort myself with the fact that they'll never remember this day so they'll have no idea that their mommy doesn't have a brain! (*giggle* I'm sure they'll think that anyway but not about this occasion!)
Now, we're off to start a new week. Mimi is here til Tuesday evening so I'm working from home today. Wednesday I start a new "business venture" with Stampin' Up (mainly, it's so I can save money..waaahoooo!!!!) so if you want to have a Girls Night Out and get some scrapbooking or card making done or if you just want to have a party or purchase some products, I'm your woman! Yep! That was my shameless plug!And this coming weekend, we're going to Corpus Christi for a birthday party for our precious Lawton - John & Amber's baby boy who is turning 1 year old!
Y'all have a fantabulous week....


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Karen said...

So, when can you come to ATL to do a Stampin Up class? :) Betsy does it and some people she knows at FBA...but I have never dabbled in that area before.
Oh, yeah, HI MIMI!

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Karen said...

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