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Random thoughts, hilarious moments and sweet sentiments... Our girls give us tons of these every day and this blog is our way of sharing the joy of raising two sweet little people with you. This is our life...to love Jesus, love each other, laugh a lot and enjoy the moments He's given us. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sweet (& Proud) Moment

This afternoon, Emma Grace brought me the fingernail polish and asked if we could paint her nails. Well, of course, I replied. I love that she loves to be girly! It keeps me girly.
I got one hand painted and she blew on the nails while I started the next hand. Then as she was blowing on them, she stopped and said "Thank you God for these nails." I said "What?" and she said "I was thanking God for my nails." I almost cried. But that's not all. As I finished her other hand, she continued on with "Thank you God for this nose and mommy's nose. Thank you God for my pretty nails and Mommy's pretty nails" and on and on. It was just such a sweet moment and I am so proud of my precious little lovebug's growing knowledge and understanding of who God is. I love her!


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