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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Emma Grace wears short shorts!
Keep reading - I'll explain....

I've gotten several requests for an update so here ya go! Sorry, this week was busy and I didn't really have much to report but now we've got a funny or two for you and a couple of updates on our two sweet gifts.

First, Today Sarah Beth is four months old and has two teeth! The picture attached only shows one but I'll try to update with a better one later. (It's a hard picture to take!) She's also mastered the roll from tummy to back but is still working on the back to tummy. She's done it a few times but hasn't mastered it yet. So, if you wonder why I'm so sleepy...she lays in her crib and fusses til you come turn her back to her belly - a couple of times a night! It's crazy!

Second, Emma Grace has gone all week in big girl panties and only had a few accidents. Most of the accidents were on her way to the potty or because she was busy playing hard and didn't realize she had to go! I'm so beyond proud of her that I can't hardly stand it! I just smile and smile and smile cuz I don't have to change her diaper anymore!!! Woooohoooo!!!!! And she's very proud of herself too!

Now, I know you're wondering about the short shorts! Well, this past Friday we went to Sea World with some friends of ours and spent a couple of hours at the pool and then went on to explore the rest of Shamu's world. The dolphin show is amazing!!!!!! And of course, Shamu is always fascinating. Maybe I shoulda considered marine biology or something like dolphin training cuz it's just really interesting to me - but that's not really part of this story. Anyway, I had packed several pair of big girl panties and a couple pair of shorts for Emma Grace in the event that we had an accident. Well, we had one. So I pulled out her 2nd pair of shorts and realized that they were actually Sarah Beth's shorts so they were 3-6 months in size. When packing that morning, I had set out a set of matching outfits and then decided not to take Sarah Beth's but instead of packing Emma Grace's, I grabbed Sarah Beth's thinking it was Emma Grace's. What to do? Either put back on her wet swimsuit, wear shorts she'd tee-tee'd in, go without shorts and only in panties or try on the 3-6 mo sized shorts and see how they fit? Well, typically, an almost 3 year old isn't going to come anywhere near fitting in a pair of 3-6 mo sized shorts...but my tiny little girl fit in them just fine! Ha! They were definitely shorter than I'd buy for her and a little snug but nonetheless, they fit and didn't cut off any circulation! We got a good laugh about it and I'm giving you a picture here of her pushing the stroller wearing her "short shorts!"

Today is Father's Day! Emma Grace made her daddy a little scrapbook and a couple of picture frames ($1 spot at Target has awesome crafts for kiddo's...for those of you who have them!) so we went in early this a.m. and woke him up with a Happy Father's Day, hugs and kisses and presents! Their Daddy is definitely loved by his two little girls - their little eyes light up whenever he's around! I love him too! :)


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