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Friday, July 07, 2006

4th of July & other stuff...

Okay...so it's Friday night and this is the first opportunity I've had to sit down and do whatever I want to do...and I chose to update this blog so those of you who ask me where my updates are..just know that I am sacrificing valuable relax time to do this! *grin*

The 4th of July...we basically just hung out at home...which is nice but not really relaxing with two kiddo's begging for attention and no where to send the 2 year old to expend some energy b/c it's raining outside!!!! It did manage to clear up for some fun and fireworks late that evening. We went over to our friends house and ate some really, super yummy briscit (how do you spell that?) and ribs that Dave smoked himself...fantabulous! Then we let the kids play on the inflatable water slide and then we had fireworks. You can see pictures at the Powell Pics webpage. :)

The rest of the week was filled with work and cleaning and planning our vacation!!! Waaahooo!!! We're going on a vacation...a real vacation...not to a family member's house...but rather, we're going to the beach! (and family members are meeting us there...you didn't really think we'd take a vacation and not include family, did you?) On Monday, July 17th, we're heading down to Gulf Shores, AL for a week of...well...the beach, the kids and nothing else...I hope! I can't wait!

This week, I also hosted my first Stampin' Up Stamp Camp...12 people came. I was amazed cuz I really thought only like 6 of the invited would come. It was fun. My friend did it for me so I could watch how one was done so I just got to sit back and enjoy. As much fun as it was, I'm not sure that I'm going to make the minimum amount of sales every 3 months so I may have just proved my point that I've always held that I am stinky at this type of thing! The minimum sales is pretty low but I'm really bad at promoting and selling....BUT I'm going to buy a few things with my discount before I get "de-activated!" (maybe I won't get de-activated...who knows? we'll see!)

Well...with the rest of my relax time before my sleepy eyes can't stay open anymore, I'm going to do something besides this blog thing...have a wonderful weekend!


At 6:08 AM, Blogger amy said...

Vacations rock! Have a great time. I tried to do a Thursday 13 but I have no idea how to do it..tried to copy and paste but oh well

peace out


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