Mickey's Girls

Random thoughts, hilarious moments and sweet sentiments... Our girls give us tons of these every day and this blog is our way of sharing the joy of raising two sweet little people with you. This is our life...to love Jesus, love each other, laugh a lot and enjoy the moments He's given us. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who Knew????

Who knew staying home to be mommy would allow for soooo much less time on the computer? I love it!

With that said...my blogging and Thursday Thirteens are taking a back row seat and may or may not return in the future...

If we have anything big to report, I'm sure you'll hear about it via email or phone but we'll also post it here so you check back every so often to see the news.
As of now...there's not much to report.

So - adios!

PS. If you hate the fact that you can't just read about our lives on a random basis, let me know...maybe I can do something about that - but for now, this blog thing is on hold! :)